Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ballieu and O'Brien Fail Victoria

The failure of Ted Ballieu and Michael O'Brien to implement even their "Designed To Fail" scheme of voluntary pre-commitment must result in Victorians doubting whether Mr Ballieu or Mr O'Brien feel bound by any promise or undertaking they make. Here's page 3 of a letter Mr O'Brien wrote me. Click on the image and read how he spruicks the absolute nature of his resolve:
Another failed promise is Premier Ballieu's 2006 campaign promise to reduce Victoria's pokie numbers by 20%. Clearly, that promise has been forgotten.

If one is to believe Minister O'Brien's words, the people of Victoria "endorsed" his 2010 policy. Here are the actual pages that set out that policy:

In failing to honour the policy upon which they were allegedly elected Premier Ted Ballieu and Minister Michael O'Brien have failed the people of Victoria.

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