Monday, 9 January 2012

The Reality of Pokie Gambling Destruction

It is rare to experience the tragedy of people whose lives have been devastated by pokie gambling. It takes rare courage to a counsellor let alone the public. Watch this video where you will hear a brave woman, not even a gambler, confront James Strong AO Chairman of Woolworths Limited with her life that has been profoundly damaged by a family member addicted to pokies. At the end, she asks Mr Strong one question that he avoids answering.

The measured response and expression on Mr Strong's face is chilling in the light of the destruction caused by pokie gambling.

Here's a video shot today (12 January 2012) of Woolworths associated Sands at Carrum Downs website. This is a tangible demonstration of Woolworths opposition to reform. Amongst the promotions targeting children to come to this pokie pub, you will see the banner advertisement that conveys the false impression that the reforms require a "License To Punt".

If one goes to the advertised web site  there are more false and misleading statements and advocacy completely opposed to any reform. This is a campaign that Woolworths knowingly contributed to.

The reality of Woolworths opposition to reform is contrary to the impression Mr Strong conveyed to Woolworths' shareholders.

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