Sunday, 29 January 2012

Pokies Cause Pain

For almost three years I have been maintaining a blog called Pokies Cause Pain. It anonymously publishes stories I am emailed about the reality of pokie gambling. Here's a story from May 2009.
I'm not a pokie addict but lived with one for 5 years and we eventually broke up a few weeks ago.

He tried so hard to stop but the addiction controlled him and he still battles daily. He has had to take sick leave, annual leave followed by more sick leave as he cant bring himself to get to work He cannot afford to go to the doc and get a sick certificate, so who knows what will happen when he eventually gets back to work.

He's with the gov, so has some security, but i think even that is going to reach its limit. He has no smokes, no petrol. no food, hardly any furniture and sits and watches an old tv all day, waiting for payday - so he can lose it again in a couple of days, then beat himself up, calling himelf a loser and so on until pay day comes around again.

He earns good money, is fun, intelligent; kind and i love him, but the pokie machine robs him of everything and he is its slave, and so very unhappy because of it. it has affected not just our relationship, but his work, his relationships at work, he has no friends apart from me and he is really hitting rock bottom.

He has tried counselling but it didnt last for long. His shame eats him and he lives in fear of exposure and in a permanent state of self hate and anxiety. It is so hard to watch a beautiful man self destruct, and this is what he is doing.

The pokies are a disgusting form of gov revenue, purposely designed to addict people and in doing so they ruin the lives of individuals and those associated with them.

Children are such innocent victims and they cannot walk away as can adults, as I have finally done. I can't have a relationship with an addiction anymore, and in all reality, that is what it is as it over rides everything. Fortunately, I never personalised the behaviours that otherwise would have been so hurtful, but how can children, who think in such black and white terms, not do so?
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This story is as sad today as it was almost two years ago. Still our leaders prioritise short term political self preservation or advancement above helping mates who have found themselves in trouble due to these dangerous machines.

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