Monday, 27 June 2011

Media Watch Exposes Uncritical Reporting

The uncritical reporting of the pokie clubs' advocacy has reached an unacceptable level. The poor journalism includes Four Corners.

Click here to read the transcript of Media Watch.

Media Watch uncovers the poor reporting of the clubs' speculative claim of a 40% decline in pokie losses should the Federal Parliament enact the Productivity Commission's consumer protection measures.

ClubsNSW have failed the goal of sustaining the pokie clubs by promoting frightening information that incorrectly generates concern amongst clubs and the public about reduction of pokie revenue as a result of the Productivity Commission's consumer reforms.

Peter Newell and Jeremy Bath were nationally exposed. This reduces the effectiveness of anything they now might say on behalf of clubs. Mr Newell should now be urged to drop the false claim of a compulsory "license to punt" when gambling on low loss machines will require no registration, no card and no setting of limits. Otherwise, there will be further exposure, embarrassment and decline in public acceptance of anything clubs have to say.

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