Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Lack Of Perspective From The Big Bad Wolf

There was wild speculation due to an idea floated during testimony given to the Federal Pre-Commitment Inquiry. That idea was Tasmania would be an ideal location to trial full pre-commitment. It was mentioned in the testimony given by Dr Ralph Lattimore of the Productivity Commission. The mere mention of this idea seem to have made Anthony Ball CEO of ClubsNSW froth at the mouth.

Here's what drooled out of Mr Ball's chops,
"The fact politicians are now talking about a trial confirms that they know this mandatory technology is a lemon."
The truth is nothing like that.

Families Minister Jenny Macklin correctly pointed out that a trial of full pre-commitment had been originally recommended by the Productivity Commission. For my own part, I have lobbied for such a trial to be conducted in the relative geographic isolation of Ballarat. Such a trial would allow the controls of an effective platform to be fine tuned. Those controls would include bet limitations and lowered cash acceptor maximums in addition to the pre-commitment system. It is a great idea.

So there is no doubt where the trial fits into the process, click on the graphic below. It is an extract from the Productivity Commission's final report and it clearly shows how full pre-commitment should proceed.
Let's be clear. It is not a trial as to whether there should or should not be full pre-commitment. Formal legislative resolve mandating full pre-commitment must happen first. It is a trial to fine tune the suite of other measures the Productivity Commission recommended that builds upon the foundation of full pre-commitment but includes so much more.

While it is fundamental for Mr Ball to express opinions that conform with the position he advocates, this most recent statement has no substance.

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