Sunday, 28 November 2010

Stephen Mayne Provisionally Elected

According to the ABC Live Guide to the Victorian state election for the Legislative Council seat of Northern Metropolitan, Stephen Mayne has been provisionally elected. Check it out!

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It seems that a primary vote of 2,999 that exceeded the Christian Democrats vote of 2,382, a margin of 617, allowed Stephen's carefully negotiated preferences with Joanne Stuart of the Independent Parents and Carers Group to kickstart and avalanche of preferences. This included the Greens, Family First, John Kavanagh of the DLP, the Sex Party and ultimately, the ALP.

The final tally left Stephen almost double the votes of the Liberal Party.

The potential cloud on the horizon is that 66.2% of the vote has been counted so the primary vote could change. Let's hope the present margin of 617 votes is too wide a river for the Christian Democrats to cross. Of greater concern is the slim margin revealed in Count 8 of 41 votes between Stephen and the Greens.

It will be a nervous next few days at Mayne campaign headquarters in Templestowe.

- Update -

As of 5:30 AM EDT, 29 November 2010; Stephen's margin against the Greens for Count 8 increased to 985! While there remains over 30% of the vote to be counted, this is good news and hopefully a trend.

On the other hand, I am a St Kilda supporter and fully expect disappointment at the last second.

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