Friday, 7 May 2010

Mr Rudd, Don't Bury the Gambling Report

There are rumours I have heard that the Prime Minister will release the Productivity Commission's final report on gambling at the same time as he releases the government's budget.

There is one thing certain in Australian media coverage and that is focus on the budget on the day it is released. It is a certain front page headline. It will displace any other story. Nothing has a chance.

If the Productivity Commission's gambling report is released on the same day, the coverage of its finding will be diminished. The instigation of the gambling report was one of Mr Rudd's first actions as Prime Minister. Yet the implication of his response to Stephen Mayne's question at yesterday's Press Club luncheon is that little he will do quickly.

Have a look courtesy of The Mayne Report:

This is from a Prime Minister who said,
"I hate poker machines and I know something of their impact on families"
12,000 pokie playing Victorians were found to have contemplated taking their own life according to a Victorian government survey. 6,000 pokie playing Victorians admitted that their gambling had led them to do something against the law.

My view is that this constitutes a crises that a government truly serving Australians must fix urgently.

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