Sunday, 18 April 2010

Crime and Pokies.

Are pokie pubs and clubs safe places? Recent news reports indicate that Murray Wilcox QC was right when he made the observation on 'Crime' that "There will be an increase. The only question is the degree of increase".
Click here to read the full article. Incredibly it's from a December 1983 issue of The Age newspaper and the some of those prediction have come true. This blog will focus on the headline issue of the toxic mix of pokies and crime.

1. Torquay Golf ClubThis pokie venue is licensed to the motoring giant RACV. The 17 April Geelong Advertiser reported that a woman has been charged with stealing $187,000 from this venues pokies.

2. Armed robbery at Melbourne pokie pub and clubs
According to the 8 April Herald Sun, this married couple pleaded guilty to a strong of armed robberies hitting Woolworths associated venues, Glengala Hotel, Deer Park Hotel , Rifle Club Hotel, and racking up 15 armed robberies. They wielded a .357 Magnum.

3. Report to the Tasmanian Treasury Department
An examination of the effects upon Tasmania since gambling was introduced validated those opinions expressed in 1982. That study examined the relationship between gaming expenditure and crime. Here's a quote:
"A positive and significant relationship was found between gaming expenditure and some crime rates, particularly 'income generating crimes'"
While this finding should be qualified to the local context, it is a significant finding nevertheless.

I have noticed that a security guard now stands outside The Rex in Port Melbourne. Could this be to ensure that unaccompanied children are no longer allowed inside this venue (click here to see the photographs) or is it something even worse?

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This blog will focus on the headline issue of the toxic mix of pokies and crime.