Thursday, 25 March 2010


Last night all councillors present voted to reject the application to redevelop The Beach Hotel.

The most discussed aspect was the inappropriate nature of the development itself. Significantly inadequate car parking and loss of amenity to the pub's Jan Juc neighbours were raised. It seems that the community does not want this development regardless of whether there are pokies or not.

Statements were made that Messrs Closters and Pertzel intended to change the building plans yet nothing was tabled. It was mentioned by council staff that revised plans could be considered at a VCAT hearing. The only proper course however, is for Messrs Closters and Pertzel to literally return to the drawing board and submit an entirely new application.


The Council rejected the plans submitted based upon the public submissions and staff recommendations. The appeal must be from the Council's decision on those plans, not some other plans which have not been the subject of like review.

The best course would be for Messrs Closters and Pertzel to be content with the business they have, strengthen the relationship with the terrific community of Jan Juc and capitalise on their experience by moving on to other Surf Coast opportunities for well run pubs not dependent upon the harmful form of adult entertainment that is pokie gambling.

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