Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Surf Coast Officers Reject Beach's Pokies

The agenda of Surf Coast Shire's Council meeting for 24 March has now been published. On page 18 is the recommendation of it's officers. The recommendation on page 18 is to refuse the application to redevelop The Beach Hotel. Here's a copy of page 18:Click here to read the entire agenda. The agenda includes the full report of the Shire's officers starting on page 18.

It is significant that 3 of the 4 grounds of refusal have nothing to do with pokie gambling. They are a rejection of the development itself as presented by Messrs. Closters and Pertzel. While the building may be changed, the problem of parking remains.

Issue must be taken with the shire's report where it states that "gaming is a legitimate form of entertainment". Often the use of the word "legitimate" equates to "reasonable" or "sensible". This is not the case with pokie gambling. Instead the pokie gambling should be characterised as a harmful form of adult entertainment that is licensed under the Gambling Regulations Act in certain circumstances.

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