Monday, 1 February 2010

Who Gets Manningham Money?

The Victorian Commission Gambling Regulation web site provides insight as to where club pokie losses go. The information is found in the audited Community Benefit Statements filed for each pokie club venue. While it is not a full picture of the club's operations; it is an indication of what might be happening with the pokie money. In order to get a sense of the history of the Manningham Club's pokie proceeds and how much went back to the community, I downloaded and took screen shots of all the Community Benefit statements since 2004.

You can go to the web page where you'll find links to all the Manningham Club Community Benefit Statements.

The method I used was to add up all the money that goes to sport, recreation or charity. We'll call this "Community Benefit". Then we can compare that sum to what went to the Woolworths associated company by way of rent. You can click on the related Community Benefit Statement to look at the detail (or correct any addition or classification errors)

Community Benefit - $38,827 Rent - $411,6002005
Community Benefit - $22,324 Rent - $358,3732006
Community Benefit - $21,792 Rent - $357,8822007
Community Benefit - $152,928 Rent - $353,851
Community Benefit - $46,696 Rent - $265,5792009
Community Benefit - $70,395 Rent - $231,952Mr Blair-Holt is also the chief operating officer of ALH, the Woolworths' associate.

It seems clear that Woolworth's associate takes a lot more out of the Manningham Club pokie losses than the community.

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