Monday, 22 February 2010

A Pokie Glimpse At St Marys

Pokie gambling is a significant presence for families inside St Marys' Rugby League Club. The presence is so intrusive that the club seems to use it to place promotional messages aimed at children. Inside the pokies area backlit promotional sign with a message targeted to children. The message was for children to play bingo. The sign was attached to a pokie and could be seen on the way to the entertainment / function rooms of St Marys. Here's a picture of the sign:
While ultimately recommending further research the 2008 Nova Scotia Adolescent Gambling Exploratory Research found:
"there were two forms of commercial gambling that emerged as posing higher risk for adolescents, not only due to their rates of involvement with the activity but also due to beliefs and behaviours associated with these types of gambling. Adolescents have less experience or understanding of the “house edge” and how commercial gambling work.
Most adolescent gambling experience suggests that skill can influence the outcome and that they can become more skilful over time with experience and practice. This persistence, which typically pays off in most other situations that are familiar to youth, will contribute to problems with commercial gambling.
Commercial arcade games that offer participants a chance to win prizes for example by stopping buttons in the right place appear to be designed with this in mind by making it appear that winning prizes is due to skill that can be acquired through experience. Surprisingly bingo was another form of gambling some adolescents thought they could improve at over time."
It is irresponsible to be marketing bingo to children at the St Marys Rugby League club...

or any pokie club.

For more information on arcade games in pokie venues; click here to read the blog about Stacker

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