Sunday, 3 January 2010

Westend Market Responsible Code

The Westend Market pokie hotel is a venue associated with Bruce Mathieson and his family but not Woolworths Limited. It has 88 pokies and, last year, gamblers lost about $182,000 on each of them. I was interested in what Mr Mathieson's practices might be without Woolworths' involvement.

The VCGR web site discloses that the ALH Code of Conduct applies to the Westend Market. Bear in mind that Australian Leisure Holdings is the name of the company that apparently operates the Woolworths / Mathieson joint venture.

On Woolworths associated venue web sites there is typically a link to a web page called Responsible Service of Alcohol. Click here to read that page. There is a sub heading on that page relating to pokie gambling.

If a visitor clicks on the link to Mr Mathieson's Westend Market Responsible Service of Alcohol today, (3 January 2010) you see this graphic:If you believe that what you are reading is nonsense. You would be right.

It is nonsense. It is care less.

Welcome to 2010.

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