Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Thomas Dux & The Rex Pokie Club

Woolworths is set to open their latest Thomas Dux store in Port Melbourne on Thursday, 7 January 2009. Described as a posh grocer, Thomas Dux drawcards include (according to a report in The Age 22/7/09) quality smallgoods, cheeses, fruit and vegetables. The Woolworths' associate leased almost 1000 square metres to become the second major supermarket on busy Bay Street after Coles. Another Woolworths associate also operates nearby, on Bay Street, the Rex pokie club.

In 2008 / 2009 gamblers at The Rex lost $6,500,124 at the rate of $114,037 per pokie... about $125,000 every week.

You may recall the PokieAct blog of 17 November where photographs of unaccompanied children inside The Rex were published.

Tomorrow, it's my intention to set up my banner on the public footpath outside of Thomas Dux on Bay Street and ask shoppers to sign a petition to stop Woolworths allowing children in The Rex pokie club by logging on to

Here's what the flyer will probably look like:
All are most welcome to drop by. It would be great to meet you. The Thomas Dux is located at 120 Bay Street Port Melbourne near the intersection of Bay and Graham Streets. I'll be there between 10AM and noon.

The Rex is located at the intersection of Bay and Graham Streets.


Anonymous said...

Paul, how many of these did you place outside the Burswood Casino when it was owned by your family?
I'm guessing that the answer is zero - therefore confirming that your care for the harmful affects of exposing pokies to children only extends to venues that are not in some way associated with the Bendat family.

PokieWatch said...

Neither me nor any members of my family ever "owned" the Burswood casino. My father owned a relatively small parcel of shares in a then publicly traded company without my knowledge. These shares were purchased and sold over 5 years ago.
There are no pokies in Western Australia outside the casino.