Friday, 8 January 2010

Opening the new campaign at Thomas Dux

Yesterday marked the first PokieAct appearance at a Woolworths grocery outlet. I am hoping that this will be the first of many. The purpose is two fold:
  1. Inform Woolworths staff and customers about Woolworths' pokie empire
  2. Urge Woolworths to ban children from their pokie pubs and clubs or, at least observe the National Principle that requires children to be removed from exposure to pokie gambling inside their pokie pubs and clubs.
Here's a picture of the PokieAct presence at Thomas Dux.If you think it looks small time and pathetic, then you would be correct. But you need to start somewhere.

Our self-imposed rules were to set up well out of the way of pedestrian traffic and ensure that our sign does not block vision of any Thomas Dux sign. I was ably assisted by volunteer Judy Latta who delivered a great question / statement at the Woolworths Annual General Meeting. We also did not approach people with our flyer but would respond to any question if asked. We were able to sign up a few great people with a real interest in the issue of children in pokie pubs and clubs.

I emailed local City of Port Phillip councillor Janet Bolitho who noted that the children inside The Rex pokie club as wearing the school uniform of the Port Melbourne primary school. She asked for further details on the ownership of The Rex. Those details were provided and will be reproduced in the next blog.

State ALP member for Parliament Martin Foley responding to a detailed email to take action on the matter gave no substantive response, instead lamely wishing "good luck with the protest".

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