Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More Mathieson Mayhem

The Westend Market pokie pub is interesting as it represents Bruce Mathieson's own pokie practices undiluted by his association with Woolworths. Two days ago I wrote about his nonsense responsible practices. Another example is how he positions the ATM machine at the Westend.

Now bear in mind that Mr Mathieson signed the ALH letter representing that:
"ATMs are already away from and out of sight of gaming rooms as part of current guidelines.”
During my first inspection of the Westend in March 2008, I noted that the ATM was placed in the pokie room entrance so that gamblers at pokies #9-15 can see it. There was also a sign in the gaming room pointing to its location. There was another sign informing gamblers that there is another ATM in the entrance to the TAB and bar.

During my next inspection in August 2008, I noted that the ATM was still placed so that gamblers at pokies #9-15 could see it. I did not note the signs.

I took this photo during my last inspection on 10 November 2009Yes. That's right. The operator (i.e. Bruce Mathieson) wants you to perceive that the ATM is in the gaming room itself. Certainly not "already away from and out of sight of the gaming room". In fact, Mr Mathieson's people put up a sign promoting that fact in the space formerly occupied by the ATM in the pokie room entrance.

You make the judgement whether Mr Mathieson truly follows the policy he represented to the Productivity Commission on behalf of his joint venture company with Woolworths. Is this an indication that the ATM is "already away from and out of sight of the gaming room"?

Clearly it is not.

The truth however is more confusing. The ATM is located in a hallway between the pokie room and the TAB room. It's just that contrary to what he represents, Mr Mathieson believes that's it's OK for the ATM to be in the pokie room - and - OK to promote that location too.

And just to pour some salt on the wound of Mr Mathieson's care less practices, contrary to his own self exclusion policy, I did not see any promotion of a self exclusion facility during my November 2009 visit.

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