Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Unaccompanied Children in Woolies' Pokie Club

Today, 17 November, 2009, I watched two young boys enter The Rex pokie club in Port Melbourne unaccompanied by any adult. This pokie club is associated with Woolworths.
Here's a photograph of the two boys walking on their own through the TAB section.The boys walked to the back of the TAB and sat down in front of the race monitors in full view of venue staff. After a few minutes, without any intervention from venue staff they walked out. No one spoke to them.
Once outside, I told the boys that they should not be inside. Their response was that they had permission from the venue to walk inside and watch the races.

Is this right?

There is nothing in the Tabcorp Responsible Gaming Code prohibiting unaccompanied children from being inside a TAB outlet. Maybe Woolworths consider it OK for children to be watching horse racing on their own inside their TABs.

I don't. Neither should Woolworths.

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