Thursday, 22 October 2009

The $1 Solution

The Productivity Commission has issued its draft report with a clear intention. In the very first sentence, its clear that this report is about solving the problems of pokie gambling. Straight away, the Commission proposes "harm minimisation measures, mainly aimed at pokies". So what is the Commissions 'Act Now' proposal to "reduce the social costs of gambling without unduly impacting on its recreational value?"

The Commission's Key Point solution that can be immediately implemented is:
Most recreational gamblers play at low intensity, but the machines allow losses of up to $1200 an hour. The bet limit should be lowered to one dollar per button push (equating to losses of around $120 an hour), with much lower limits on how much cash can be fed into machines at any one time. Recreational players would be minimally affected.
There it is. Simple. $1 per button push so that losses are limited to $120 per hour.

Any venue that implements the $1 per button push is responsible and concerned about pokie harm.

Any venue that does not implement the $1 per button push is irresponsible.

Let's see what Woolworths, Coles and Australia's pokie clubs do now.

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