Thursday, 10 September 2009

Woolworths Do It Right at The New Brighton

A significant part of my two discussions with Woolworths executives concerned the practical aspects of removing children from the sights and sounds of pokie gambling. Woolworths do it right at a few of their venues.
On Tuesday, I taped a segment which might be telecast as a part of Stateline in Adelaide. One never knows how much of what you say ends up on the cutting room floor and is never telecast. I did record that Woolworths do it right at the Royal Oak and Norwood hotels.
They also do it right at their New Brighton Hotel in Manly. Like many of their other hotels, this venue is orientated towards adult entertainment. Accordingly, children are excluded. Children are not even allowed when accompanied by an adultThere are many Woolworths' pokie pubs where this is the solution. The Nu Hotel in Dandenong, the Courthouse in Footscray, the Royal Exchange in Toowong, the Prince of Wales in Nundah (across the street from Wayne Swan's office), the Stockade in Salisbury and the Finsbury in Woodville North.
This solution is easy and inexpensive to implement and will work to satisfy Principle 1 of the National Principles.

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