Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The "Over-The-Top Do-Gooders" Accusation

The PokieAct.org endeavour has been accused before. Coles' spokesperson indicated that there had been "a lack of good faith". Dr Zirsak stated that I am "not a person it is possible to work with". Now there is the accusation of being an "Over-The-Top Do-Gooder" by Peter Newell OAM, Chairman of Clubs NSW.

I have reproduced his August 2009 editorial below. Click on the image to expand and have a read.As a mate who I sent this to asked "if Over-The-Top Do-Gooders are no good, what do we want? Under-Achieving Do-Badders?"

It should also be noted that the ad right next to the editorial is for the IGT bluechip NEO spruicking its "ergonomic player-friendly design". "Not just a good looker, it's a brilliant all-round performer!"

The ad is for an IGT pokie machine.

One wonders whether this pokie has been designed to allow for pre-commitment as indicated in the federal and all state minister's statement of 10 July 2009. The same statement that contains the National Principles but these guidelines are right at the beginning. Perhaps Mr Newell will find these guidelines easier to accept.

More about Mr Newell's lack of understanding of what 'exposure' means in a later blog. Also the double standards about exposure of pokie gambling between pubs and clubs in NSW.

Mr Newell's is always welcome to comment on the PokieAct.org blog and make any accusations he likes. Anything he says will be published. I will email his magazine and see if he will do likewise.

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