Monday, 7 September 2009

Trying To Talk With Michael Luscombe

The best way to encourage positive action is to do it face to face. To this end, I have written to Michael Luscombe, the boss of Woolworths and fly up to Sydney and personally deliver the letter to his offices in Bella Vista.
I'm not sure that I will get to speak with his personal assistant but its worth giving it a go.
Here's the text of the letter I intend to deliver:
"Dear Mr. Luscombe,

The purpose of this letter is to seek an appointment to meet with you.

The objective of meeting is to urge your company to commit to and then implement the National Principles for the conduct of responsible gaming machine activity in clubs and hotels as jointly communicated by the Hon Jenny Macklin and the Ministerial Council on Gambling, a joint effort of all Commonwealth, State and Territory officials. Such implementation should cover all pokie pubs and clubs where our company has an associated interest and include all venues mentioned on the ALH web site.

Such action is not only in the interests of shareholders, but also in the interests of the Australian public our company serves.

Please note that Principle 1 requires that “Minors should not be allowed to gamble or be exposed to gambling areas within venues.” (my underlining) Interpretation of these words means that children are to be excluded from pokie sights and sounds.

This is, in essence, the same action sought by virtue of the Section 249P notice that I have proposed for our next AGM.

As before, it is important to me that you are aware of my intended actions. Please find enclosed the following documents:
1. Email from Coles Limited committing to implementing not only the National Principles, but also, other positive steps to minimise the harm of pokie gambling.
2. Proposed newspaper advertisement requesting that people ask why you and Woolworths have not adopted more responsible pokie gambling practices
3. Proposed newspaper advertisement requesting shareholders sign the 249P statement

This letter will be personally delivered to your offices in Bella Vista."
The email from Coles has already been published on this blog. Click here to read the Coles' email.

Click on the images below to read the two proposed advertisements
My sincere hope is that Mr Luscombe will have a look at the National Principles and agree to implement them without my having to utilise his time.

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