Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Coles' Pokies Part 13 - The Sundowners

The Sundowners is a classic film, nominated for 5 Oscars and produced in Australia. It was set in the 1920's and evokes "a Whole World of Adventure Comes the Rousing, Story of Real People" It is the story of Paddy and Ida. "Paddy has an almost pathological aversion to staying in any one place too long, Ida tries to save enough money for a down payment on a farm; that is, if Paddy doesn't drink or gamble away the money" according to an online review.
A perfect name and image for the Coles/Wesfarmers pokie pub in Caboolture - the rascally Aussie bloke who has a punt on the nags. Unfortunately, like the American actor Robert Mitcham's attempt at an Australian accent or the occasional release of an emu to run through the background, the reality does not measure up.

Here's the reality of how the image of this movie is used.While using the evocative image of the outback sheep shearer movin' on as the sun goes down, the entrance to the Sundowner public bar crashes back to the reality of pokie pubs in 2009 by both prohibiting children from entry while allowing them to enter with an adult.

Instead of a ewe ready to be sheared, once inside, patrons and their accompanying children encounter a lone pokie that has wandered out of the the pokie room and installed itself in the public bar. This picture destroys Wesfarmers/Coles credibility. This is not the only pub where Wesfarmers/Coles deliberately position pokies in a public bar. One of their web sites even promotes the fact that their pokies can be found in the venue's main bar. How can they make a statement that they "support" the National Principles that children are not to be exposed to pokies inside a venue, yet children are allowed, in the same room as that venue's pokies?

The truth is... they can't.

And the Sundowner is another one of their Kids Eat Free pubs actively promoting for families to bring their children along.


Online Casino said...

These a the story of Paddy and Ida. Paddy doesn't drink or gamble away the money.

Jayl Milby said...

Kids should be spared from the game. The parents should be responsible in explaining to their children that there are risk in playing the game. Pokies are definitely for ages 18 and up.