Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Lessons from China

China has traded progress for the sun. At the risk of being accurately accused of sharing family holiday photos, check out this photo was taken in Xian, the home of the Terracotta Warriors and about 1100 kilometres inland from Beijing.
That's not fog. Its largely the pollution caused by coal burning power plants. And, of course, a large portion of Australia's coal is exported to China. It is another example of profit without caring about the burden it imposes on people. In addition to their legal system, treatment of Tibet and censorship, there is a lot one can criticise about China.

China has no legalised gambling other than Macau. People seem too busy trying to make a living.

So what happens to those who retire. How do they 'fill their time' when pokies are not an option? They gather in parks in the morning to exercise, dance, sing, or just talk. They act as surrogate parents for their pre-school grandchildren.

Rather than interacting with machines, these people interact with each other.

There's also a lot one can praise about China.

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