Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Coles' Pokies Part 8

Yesterday, I had to make a decision about whether or not to proceed with my message to Mr Goyder. Earlier in the week, I got a knockback from a Perth based direct marketing company who refused to distribute my flyer. Even a Perth based printer did not return calls. So I submitted, the text of the flyer to the Post Newspapers group who circulate their publications in the western suburbs of Perth.

With one modification they accepted my message and it will be published this weekend; 25 July 2009. Here's what the final copy looks like:Of course, I sent a copy to Wesfarmers/Coles corporate affairs people. Here's the text of what I sent:
"As I undertook to you when first corresponding, I want you to be aware of my actions in trying to elicit substantive response from Wesfarmers/Coles.

Despite your email of 7 July I have received nothing.

A full page advertisement will appear in the Post newspapers this weekend. Confirmation is reproduced below. These papers cover the Perth's western suburbs. A pdf of the ad is attached. I will be attempting to place the same advertisement in the South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia."
I got back a quick response from Coles. Here it is:
"Thank you for your e mail. Since our last contact I have been in discussions with our hotels group about best practice approaches to managing the issues you have raised.

As part of this review we have considered the National Gaming Principles released by Federal and State Gaming Ministers on 10 July. I discussed these principles with our hotels management only last Friday. The hotels group supports the National Gaming Principles and have confirmed that our business is compliant with its gaming obligations at its hotel venues.

It is unfortunate that you are persisting with an inappropriate personal campaign against the Managing Director of Wesfarmers on this issue while Coles is still considering what additional actions we may take to respond to the issues that you and others have raised.

This suggests a lack of good faith on your part in engaging with Coles and Wesfarmers on this issue and it will influence our response to your approaches on this issue."
The National Gaming Principles bear no reference to marketing to children and exposing them to the sights and sounds of pokie gambling. There's nothing concerning warning signs in car parks about leaving children in cars. You can read about the National Principles by clicking here. This is not a substantive response unless I am to infer from its omission from the National Gaming Principles that Wesfarmers/Coles intend to do nothing but stay the course.

Finally, despite being approved by the Post Newspapers my ad got knocked back by The West.

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