Monday, 6 July 2009

Coles' Pokies Part 7

Still no substantive response from either Wesfarmers or Coles. I did think that my emails and blog posts might have resulted in some positive action. This is disappointing.

Decency would have demanded that Coles take immediate remedial action to prevent the re-occurrence of a pokie gambler leaving their infant child in a locked car. All Coles would have had to do was to relate what they had done.

Despite a meeting in December, follow-up emails, a letter from Sen Xenophon, and my agitation since 22 June, nothing has been forthcoming other than Mr Hadler's promise to listen. Coles/Wesfarmers are not engaged. Hoping that I would not have to take the next step, I will now implement a plan to personally engage Mr Goyder in the matter.

Mr Goyder's merits praise for his apparent past activism. I admire people who act on what they feel is right. His efforts to influence other's decisions seem to have related to street views of a heritage property in Perth's Peppermint Grove area where Wikipedia mentions Mr Goyder as a resident. This is one of Perth's most exclusive suburbs. The minutes of the Peppermint Grove Council's meeting of 21 April 2008 record a Mr R Goyder as a part of a group asking questions. The minutes refer to a petition where others were no doubt encouraged to express their views with respect to a proposed subdivision. Some of the questions raised were quite serious as they called for the resignation of a local councillor. Click here to read those minutes.

I feel strongly about the Pokie issue and want to influence other's decisions. I believe that pokies cause more serious harm than a blocked view. Direct public action should be motivated to elicit substantive response from the CEO of Wesfarmers and believe it reasonable that Mr Goyder respond to four short questions about Coles' pokies:
  • What is he doing to prevent pokie gamblers leaving their infant children in locked cars like the June 2009 incident in Ipswich?
  • Will he stop Coles’ advertising to lure families inside their 70+ pokie pubs with offers of free food and free playgrounds?
  • Will he acknowledge the harm of pokie gambling and introduce effective measures like compulsory pre-commitment?
  • Is Coles going to act responsibly and ban children from their pokie pubs reducing the likelihood that a new generation will get hooked?
It is my intention to distribute a flyer in the western suburbs of Perth. Here's what the draft looks like:Click on the image to see a full sized copy.

If readers of this blog believe that I should modify or add anything to the flyer, please post your thoughts. All concerned will be directed to this blog thereby bringing your suggestions notice. I will not be despatching the flyer straight away.

A copy will be emailed to all the people who have corresponded with me from Coles / Wesfarmers. A paper copy will be express mailed to Mr Goyder. I want all concerned to be aware for two reasons; Firstly, in the hope that Mr Goyder will respond. Secondly, in the event that there is no response, all will be fully aware of my actions, i.e. there will be no surprise.

The new Coles slogan proclaims; 'It All Counts'.

Coles/Wesfarmers pokie operations should count too.

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