Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Coles' Pokies Part 10

Here's today's email sent to Coles/Wesfarmers:
"Thanks for your email of 22 July.

I refer to the second paragraph of your email where you state:
"As part of this review we have considered the National Gaming Principles released by Federal and State Gaming Ministers on 10 July. I discussed these principles with our hotels management only last Friday. The hotels group supports the National Gaming Principles and have confirmed that our business is compliant with its gaming obligations at its hotel venues."

These principles can be found here:

I draw your attention to the first principle:

"Minors should not be allowed to gamble or be exposed to gambling areas within venues."

My underlining. The language is clear. It's not just about admission to the pokie area. It's about exposure. This goes beyond semantics. It requires operators to cease exposure to the lights and sounds of the pokies and visible promotion of gambling areas within venues.

When I last inspected your venues, many were non-compliant. I would be pleased to do my best to promote Wesfarmers/Coles' plans to be compliant with this principle.

Your continued refusal to substantively respond to either my letter of Mr Goyder nor my email to Mark and Alison remains disappointing. I sincerely look forward to your response to this new change in the obligations of pokie venue operators."
Mr Hadler's prompt response was that he was travelling inter-state and would respond when he was able to view on his laptop.

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Pat said...

I live in Jenny Macklin's electorate and interestingly enough there is a massive number of poker machines throughout the electorate. I never realised it was her ministerial responsibility to implement these guidelines.
Is it possible to have an interview with her and have it posted on not only this website but also Youtube for everyone's enjoyment.
I am sure Jenny will have allocated sufficient budget to enforce adherence to the guidelines. This unless it has been spent answering correspondence from Woolworths lobbyists in Canberra.