Monday, 22 June 2009

Dr Zirsak Responds

Last week I posted Dr Mark Zirsak's email to me which contained an excellent plan for effective pre-commitment. Here's his response:
"This was intended to be private correspondence to build a working relationship and not for public dissemination. The fact that you have published this on your blog site without my consent or knowledge, now confirms my view that you are not a person it is possible to work with. I see no point in continuing any discussion with you."
That's a shame. Sure, his email disclosed points of disagreement.


I get very little opportunity to speak with the media but when I do, I always try to speak to the value of pre-commitment. I also talk to other people involved with pokies. Without discussion, I will not be able to be aware of and therefore able to put forward Dr Zirsak's views. There's also the possibility that my suggested variations to his course of action might be helpful.

I hope he will re-consider.

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