Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Coles' Pokies Part 5

After a lot of thought, unless Coles put in writing some substantive reaction to what I have asked them, there is no point in another meeting. Here's what I wrote them:
While both times are open for me, unless Coles are prepared to take the positive step of substantively responding in writing to the issues I emailed over 6 months ago, there is no point in another meeting. Such response should be provided well before any meeting so that it may be seriously considered. I have referred you to my correspondence by email and the same issues remain. I have also posted all relevant parts of this correspondence on my blog and mentioned this posting to you. To assist, I will again reproduce these issues:
Email of 15 December 2008
"Here's four simple steps that truly focus on problem gamblers, do not affect the casual gambler and would cost little to implement:
A4 signs advertising Self Exclusion. You do this in S.A. already. You have the facilities in all your venues.
Ban simultaneous play. Another S.A. requirement. A little staff training and an A4 sign is all that is needed.
Parking Rules - Some of your venues post rules warning parents not to leave their children in the car. Most do not. Here's a link to the Victorian Kidsafe resources web page. http://www.kidsafevic.com.au/index.php/Resources/Resources-Fact-Sheets Have a look at the pdf on Hot Cars and the sign on page 2 of the order form of current resources.
Place and maintain Gambler's HelpLine posters and cards in all toilets. This may well be the most effective measure.
Finally, I do commend to you serious consideration of creating wiki pages for each venue's responsible gaming practices."
Letter to Richard Goyder of 3 Novmber 2008
"1. Voluntary prohibition of children in venues that offer pokie gambling
2. Effective self-regulation of responsible pokie gambling practices in pubs and clubs."
Please note that this insistence on Wesfarmers / Coles providing substantive written response to the issues I raised as a pre-condition of any meeting was not taken lightly. With respect, your offer of listening and consideration provides no tangible progress. My hope is that this step on my part will result in your organisations making substantive, positive and constructive suggestions to improve your pokies' practices.
Refusing a meeting with senior Coles' executives is a serious decision.

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