Friday, 1 May 2009

The Steakhouse Gang

Here's the latest concept in pokie marketing from the Wesfarmers people who bring to Australia: Bunnings, a bunch of coal mines, Coles, Target and K-Mart:

The Steakhouse Gang promotes two Queensland pokie pub eating areas; one at the Bonny View Tavern in Bald Hills and the other at The Rock Tavern in Cairns. Click here to have a look at the web site.

The web site also has a page targeted to children where they can play an online game. The game involves setting a gun site against targets. Instead of shooting a bullet, the player shoots a pie. There is another page for colouring in the cartoon characters of The Steakhouse Gang. Site visitors are invited to print out the sheet and bring your coloured in and "show us soon" at The Steakhouse.

The Parties and Bookings web page invites children to sign up. You can download a party menu reproduced here:
You can make you own mind up about the nutritional value of what is being offered. Just click on the graphic to expand it.

The site also has a page under the title "Gangbuster! Kids Deals" where children are encouraged to sign up just like their parents can sign up to a player loyalty programme. There is no caution on this page to seek parental permission. Home and mobile phone numbers are sought. They even ask for the parent's mobile number.

The objective of this web site is to encourage children into asking their parents to take them to a pokie pub to eat. My guess is that the Coles people hope that the free game will go 'viral' and promote other children to do likewise. This is dreadful.

When I visited the Bonny View (2 December 2008) the front section of the pokie pub was under construction. This is what their children's play area looked like.
That was it. A wooden platform with a steering wheel under a verandah next to the car park. Richard Goyder and everyone else at Wesfarmers and Coles should be ashamed of themselves.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure your info is out of date. The playground at Bonny View is great now. Just because a restaurant is kid friendly doesnt make it an attempt to build pokie revenue. You will find that kids cannot be left unsupervised in the play areas of either venue when the parents are not in the restaurant. I would be more concerned about Maccas making our kids obese if i was you.

PokieWatch said...

I visited the Bonny View on 2 December and noted that extensive construction was underway. Did they change the play area? Do you have a picture? You can email it to me at and I will post it.

Bringing children to a pokie pub normalises pokie gambling just like children who watch their parents smoke are more likely to emaulate that behaviour. Both smoking and pokie gambling are harmful forms of adult only entertainment.

Let's not forget what that the profit engines of these pubs is the pokies. The more exposure to pokies the more likely that people are going to give them a try. A sign observed in another Coles pokie pub promotes 'Come and Play - Try your luck in our gaming room'

Finally, check out the nutritional value of the food in the menu posted on the blog. At least Maccas offers healthy alternatives. The Steakhoue Gang does not offer a single dish without some fat content. Even the fruit comes with cheese!

steakhouse said...

nice place to play game.........