Friday, 29 May 2009

Play School, Pokies and the ABC

My discovery at the Burwood RSL became national news. Click here to read the story and listen to today's The World Today report.

ABC management should be ashamed of their response.

1. To justify a practice on the basis that no one has complained about it is no justification at all.

2. As mentioned in an earlier blog, the actual venue I visited was the Burwood RSL. There are many alternative venues in Western Sydney. Rather than face the real issue, ABC management defend themselves with the issue of lack of venues in country towns.

3. Finally, the ABC defended itself by saying entertainment was separated from the pokies area. That's not the whole truth. At the Burwood, children are exposed to the sights and sounds of the pokies upon entry. If they have a snack afterward, they will be surrounded by them. The club even placed pokies upstairs where, I believe, children would line up for the show.

The ABC should not be associating its image, its characters and certainly not its child orientated programming, in any way, with pokie gambling.

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