Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Pawnshop in the Pokie Pub

Fairfield in Sydney's west is one of the greatest areas of pokie harm in Australia. Check out this picture of the Crescent Hotel in Fairfield.Yes, it is a pawnshop incorporated into the pokie pub itself. While it was obviously closed when I visited The Crescent, I wondered if one could get instant cash from Crescent Lent. I wondered if you could cash a cheque. This would avoid any restriction placed on the hotel operator. What collateral does the Crescent ask for when lending money?

Do patrons of the Coles associated Fairfield Hotel sell their gold at Cresent Lent to continue their pokie addictions? After all the Fairfield is only about 250 metres away. What about Woolworth's associated Brown Jug which is a short drive down Station Street?

Click on the picture and you'll see an expanded version of this photo.

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