Friday, 29 May 2009

Aware of Gambling Awareness?

Gambling Awareness Week is drawing to a close. If it was intended to reduce the harm from pokie gambling then it was a waste of money and time. If it was meant to introduce pokie gambling as a "fun entertainment" then it was a great success:This image is the poster of Responsible Gambling Awareness Week. The message is that gambling is fun and that with these easy steps the gambler will be responsible. There is no mention of the harm that pokie gambling does to hundreds of thousands of Australians or any action on the part of the pokie operator to be responsible.

Compare this campaign where the goal is to make consumers aware of the harmful nature of another form of addictive entertainment:Real awareness of pokie gambling should have warned gamblers that pokies will ruin their career, their lives and the lives of their families and friends. Click here to read the latest true story from Pokies Cause Pain if you think pokies are any less harmful than Ice.


steakhouse said...

Gambling is bad but if it is for fun and just for passing time than it is not bad.

Peter Thompson said...

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Anonymous said...

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