Saturday, 18 April 2009

Woolworths - The Pokies People

Lead by Rev Tim Costello and Sen Nick Xenophon, 17 April 2009 will mark the date when the public began to get a glimpse of Woolworths' true face and their push to get children inside their pokie pubs.The occasion was the launch of a book of pictures of pokie pubs and clubs that shows how pokie operators lure kids inside. Click here to read the press coverage in Adelaide. Click here to read the news article as it appeared on page 3 of Brisbane's Courier Mail. Readers are encouraged to post a comment against either story.

The launch also gathered national radio and television coverage. Nick Xenophon graphicaly altered the Woolworths brand from "The Fresh Food People" to the "Pokies People" in front of Woolworths on the Rundle Street Mall. Rev Tim called for people to boycott Woolworths
I participated in 3 Queensland radio interviews that focused on Coles' marketing to children in their pokie pubs. Sen Nick participated in a lot more.

The next step will be to despatch the books to the Prime Minister and other federal leaders, State Premiers, Michael Luscombe, Woolworths CEO and Richard Goyder, Wesfarmers CEO (Wesfarmers control Coles and Bunnings).

All three of us are hoping to meet these people to constructively address how pokie places can be made kid free.

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Beermatman said...

Sort of stumbled on this blog post late on a Sunday evening on the other side of the World. I'm not sure I completely understand the situation; so I've book marked the page to follow up.