Saturday, 4 April 2009

A Winner Every Time

One of the games seen often in the play areas targeted to children is A Winner Every Time. Set out below is the description page from the manufacturers catalogue:Reproduced below is the manufacturer's description of this machine and it finishes with a statement of what behaviour it hopes to create. The words in upper case is the manufacturer's own emphasis:
" The premise behind this crane is that the player “plays” as he normally would any plush crane however if they fail to win a piece of merchandise a SECOND claw AUTOMATICALLY activates giving the player the opportunity to WIN a piece of candy.
We have seen operators get very creative with this product. Operators will typically give away CANDY however many give away “left” over BULK vending items and in that case, their earnings skyrocket.
You can’t miss this crane in any location. Its bright, attractive & colorful look will attract many players. Its fantastic sound encourages REPEAT play."
The similarity in intent to pokies is brutal. Remind your self that pokie venue operators place these machines in child play areas.

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