Monday, 13 April 2009

Win 'n' Grin

Another machine seen in pokie pub child play areas is Win 'n' Grin. Here's a picture:Win 'n' Grin is an Australian made product based in Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Here's the description of Win 'n' Grin Plush from the manufacturer's web site:
"Win n Grin Plush toy crane has taken cranes to a new level. The team has designed the game with the operator in mind. Electronic adjustments means that you no longer have to do contortions to access and change dip switch settings, and with the ‘intelligent monitoring system’ that keeps a close check on toys paid out, you can rest at ease that the WGA crane self adjusts, if you require, to maximize your returns and keep your percentages on an even keel.
With graphic display and Australian designed sound effects, with no distortion, you can easily place this crane game on site alone, or with a WGA chocolate machine, and be sure of good returns with very few service calls. This game comes standard with two electronic coin mechanisms, a facility for a note acceptor and secure cashbox."
The name of the machine promotes that winning on the device will make the player happy. This sends a message to children not only about this machine but the pokies they can see and hear the adults playing in the same pub or club. For hundreds of thousands of Australians who have pokie gambling problems; this could not be further from the truth.

The manufacturer warrants that if players get too happy (i.e. if they win too often), the crane will self adjust to maximize returns and keep percentages on an even keel. In other words, venue operators can rig the machine.

I wonder how the Win 'n' Grin machine at the pokie venues recorded on have been rigged.

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