Thursday, 16 April 2009

Rev Tim Costello

Rev Tim Costello of World Vision Australia has been a PokieAct supporter from the beginning. Here's what he has to say:
“Childhood years are precious. There is no need for premature introduction to adult entertainment. I am deeply concerned about those pokie operators who aggressively market free food and movies to families who live in our disadvantaged areas with the intent of luring them into their pokie venues. This must stop. I urge you to sign the petition on and tell your families and friends to do likewise.”
As adults, Australians will have most of their lives to indulge themselves in adult entertainment. Adults can freely choose from entertainment permitted by the Government; children are incapable of making such choices. These adult activities include: drinking alcohol, prostitution, betting, and smoking.

It is wrong for the relationship between and parent and child to be exploited. In relatively disadvantaged areas like Elizabeth in South Australia, Logan City in Queensland and Chadstone in Victoria; families have limited choices themselves. Offers of offers of free food, playrooms and movies for kids are attractive. These are areas with high pokie losses.

The decision by any venue operator to enter the adult orientated business of pokie gambling is voluntary.

Along with the benefits of profiting from the pokie gambling business is a corresponding duty to be responsible to impede children’s exposure to that adult entertainment rather than marketing in a way that attracts them to it.

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