Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Are We All April Fools?

Woolworths install the coin operated Stacker game in their pokie pub child play areas. Here's a short video of Stacker at the Eltham hotel that concludes with two small children playing, unsupervised in this pokie pub's child area.


For the submission to the Productivity Commission, I wanted to find out more about the player experience with these machines; given that they were installed so that children play them. Here's what I found:Please click on the image to enlarge it.

Here's what the text says:
“Stacker's concept is simple, players have to stack moving blocks 11 levels high to reach the minor Prize level. Players can then choose to collect a cheap Prize or risk it all and play on for something that's worth about 100 times the price per play - So guess what players will do? This is a brilliant game concept, LAI understands player's emotions and exploits their greed that makes them try and try again.”
The Stacker people provide a series of comic book panels to explain how Stacker works. Click here to have a look.

If the reader has any doubt about Woolworths and other pokie operators intentions when they install these machines in the areas of their pokie pubs and clubs where children are enticed to eat and play....

just read the quote above one more time.

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