Thursday, 26 March 2009

Cr Des Hudson's Big Mistake.

Cr Des Hudson needs to apologise. He got it all wrong and he's misleading the people of Ballarat.

Have a read of what he said to the Ballarat Courier:
Ballarat Responsible Gambling Committee chairman Councillor Des Hudson said the region's figures were "on a par" with other regional cities.
He said the committee continued to take a harm minimisation approach.
"People need to gamble responsibly and make sure that their other commitments are able to be meet as well," he said.
"At the end of the day we respect people's choice to dispose of their income as they wish but if they're finding themselves getting in too deep, there are people who can offer confidential professional support."
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Cr Hudson is dead wrong on a number of points.
  1. Ballarat's pokie expenditure was "significantly higher'' than nearby Bendigo. Bendigo would need to raise its level of pokie expenditure per adult by 38% to get to Ballarat's levels.
  2. Unless Ballarat is comparable to the City of Latrobe, Ballarat's loss per adult is higher than all the comparable regional cities: the loss per-adult on pokies in Ballarat in 2007/08 was $804.86. Compare this with Bendigo ($579.12), Shepparton ($641.56), Geelong ($707.43) and LaTrobe ($900.16).
  3. Cr Hudson's harm minimisation approach seems to comprise waiting until the patient is sick before treatment begins. This flies in the face of research and existing practices. What about telling people not to play the pokies in the first place? What about warning gamblers of the consequences of pokie gambling? What about telling gamblers that pokies are programmed so that long term pokie gamblers are doomed to lose?
It's always possible that Cr Hudson was misquoted. In that event, Cr Hudson should call up The Courier and correct the record.

The committee Cr Hudson chairs calls itself a 'Responsible Gambling Committee'. If he was not misquoted, Cr Hudson has demonstrated an appalling lack of responsibility to the people of Ballarat. He should resign.

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