Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Baysie - Two Tales of One Pokie Pub

The Bayswater Hotel is a Woolworths associated venue that promotes that "you, your friends and your family will enjoy". Have a look at this picture from their website with the child play area prominent:
Here's another view of the same bistro. It's from The Baysie's web page called Kid's Club. Some cracks in their family friendly image are staring to appear.

This picture shows the pokie lights visible through an open entrance that forms the visual backdrop for part of this room. It is a subtle reminder as what else goes on at the Baysie and that is pokie gambling. Apparently, its the part of the bistro Woolworths wants people to see. Particularly the people who are interested in their Kids Club. That's one tale. The tale of their family friendly hotel with pokie gambling in the background. Now for the other tale.

In late February 2009, a man was admitted to hospital after being hit on the head with a pool cue, sparking a massive pub brawl at the Baysie. Click on the image below to look at a reprint from the Knox Leader:Another look at the other tale of the Baysie can be found on the MySpace page for this pokie pub. Click here to have a look. The link is prominently displayed on the Baysie's home page. You'll find promotions of Bogan Bingo (even a video with a clip of a girl downing a quick shot), Guitar Hero and Texas Hold 'em Poker. It all looks like good fun... for adults.

I doubt that the combination of adult activity, violent crime and Bee Bop the clown who currently entertains every Friday and Saturday at the Baysie's Kids Club with a bacjdrop of pokie lights makes for a "centre of family entertainment".

Maybe Michael Luscombe, Woolworths' Chief Executive does. He would be wrong.

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