Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Ballarat RSL Responds

To their credit, the Ballarat RSL wrote back to me. Most pokie venues I encounter feel that if they don't respond, the problem will go away. Well done RSL for responding and responding promptly. Here's what they sent me.You might need to click on the image to read it. As always, you are welcome to post your views on this blog. It would be great to discuss what others make of the Ballarat RSL's response.

First off, they did not answer any of my questions. It's their right to ignore me and I respect that even though the issues I raised are relevant to whether this application truly conforms with the community interest.

The real critical passage is the invitation to be interested after the hearing is all over and decisions have been made. Rather than accept their invitation to do nothing until that time, it is my intention to write to the VCGR and suggest that they might allow me to raise these issues at the public hearing on the 26th.

Of course, its the right of the VCGR to ignore me as well.

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