Sunday, 4 January 2009

Why comment?

One of my 2009 aspirations is to try and comment on every pokie news story published. The goal is that the comment will somehow advance the objective of making pokie places kid free. I have been both frustrated and pleased with the reaction so far.

In every instance I seek to express my opinion based upon fact. I restrain myself from name calling although calling people names is a lot of fun.

I posted Eddie McGuire's actual words from the Collingwood football club's annual general meeting on the Extreme Black and White bulletin board which relates to all things Collingwood. My post was removed after being up for about an hour and eliciting two comments both of which called me names.
I people should know that it might be considered click fraud (click here to see the Wikipedia definition) for Eddie to urge 'Pie's members to:
"do me a favour, is to click onto the website, click on few pages, even if you reckon it is no good, because we get money by the click. So you can sit there looking out the window, just click away, click away, keep going, click on, click on, click on, pages watched, all that, click it away, maybe getting RSI from putting it on."

At the least, this suggestion reflects poor judgement on Eddie's part. Bringing up stuff like this adds weight to my view that Eddie's judgement is also poor in using the club's membership to promote a pokies business that exposes children to pokie gambling.

The Melbourne Herald Sun posted my comment which contained my take on Eddie's AGM performance. Although one can no longer see the post, it did provoke follow-up comment. The post got picked up by Google News searches. It was also picked up by Margaret Simons' own blog.

To accompany the release of information about the highest earing pokie pubs in NSW, Tim Vollmer wrote an article in Sydney's Daily Telegraph about his experience in losing $50 on the pokies concluding:
"I had nothing to show for my time but a sore back, a headache and a suspiciously light wallet. I'm still not willing to say pokies should be banned, but I can guarantee that I will find a better way to spend New Year's Day next year."

I posted the following comment:
"Mr. Vollmer's article, like his pokie playing experience is a selfish waste. He went to see whether the pokie experience turned him on rather than getting to the difficult issues.
During 2008, I also put my money where my mouth is and made hundreds of visits to pokie pubs. Instead of experiencing whether the pokies "did it" for me, I used my time to see whether Woolworths, Australia's largest pokie operator, was doing what they said for people who, unlike Mr. Vollmer, feel compelled to spend another $50 on the pokies. At the low end of the pokie clubs and pubs estimates, there are some 300,000 Australians who have this compulsion and this does not include their affected families.
Mr. Vollmer has the same, "I can't figure it out so let's trivialise it" attitude that many apply to people who can't stop with one drink, one cigarette, or their first hit of meth amphetamine. It is wasteful to imply if an experience does not apply to me so why should I care.
Tim starts to get to the real issue when he observes the loneliness of this 'entertainment'. There’d be insight if he wrote about the experience of the people who work at the NSW Gambling G-Line telephone service trying to cure this form of addictive behaviour.
And what did I find in my pokie pub experiences? In my view; few, if any, pubs that consistently complied with their own statements of how the set up of their pokie rooms would help a person with a pokie problem to help themselves."
Not published.

The Adelaide Advertiser published an editorial stating that Senator Nick Xenophon "has let the issue of the damaging impact of poker machines slip under the radar" and stating that:
"It is vital people be well informed about just what they are letting themselves in for if they take on the pokies."

Their website Adelaide Now published my comment about their lack of coverage of a national conference then being held in Adelaide let alone the results of's inspection of Woolworths' and Coles' pokie venues in the Adelaide. You can read my comments here.

Based upon which comments got published and which did not it would seem that people (except for Magpie's fans) love to read things that Eddie McGuire says - and - the editor of News Limited's news web site in Adelaide is more open to criticism than the Sydney editor.

Or you can also conclude that my comments were simply not that interesting.


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