Monday, 26 January 2009

Brisbane debates Kids and Pokie Places

The Brisbane Courier Mail published a terrific story on 24 January 2009 with the headline "Clubs told to watch parents who offload kids". Click here to read the story.

It's a short piece and well worth a read.

Even better reading is the 40 comments posted against the article. While followers of this blog will find what I posted to be 'business as usual', the comments by others provide a terrific debate on the issues of play areas for children in pokie venues.

I sent a link to the article to Michael Luscombe, CEO of Woolworths and a couple of senior executives at Wesfarmers, whose combined associates operate over 150 venues in Queensland. I hope they have the time to read it.

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daviidv said...

The reader feedback is an excellent way to guage the public unease with the current situation. Clearly, pokies are having too many negatives to be left as is. PokieAct is doing a great job at tracking the exposure of children to pokies harm. Please let us know whether the executives reply to you. Other pokies issues can be found at