Tuesday, 9 December 2008

PokieWatch goes to Brisbane

The last 20 years have witnessed Brisbane becoming a truly great international city. Its suburbs set in rolling hills with tropical vegetation are very attractive. It is also the home of pokie pubs associated with the Wesfarmers, Bunnings, Coles/Liquorland group of companies. They operate over 70 pokie pubs in Queensland.

Like the picture below; Coles' Queensland practices send a mixed message. Some are near perfect, excluding the pokie room almost completely from the rest of the hotel, some far less so.

How can you lay out a welcome to a family hotel where children are not admitted?

Two thirds of the activities in this venue exclude children. The play area is located next to the rubbish area. KENO gambling is advertised in the 'family' bistro with two large flatscreen LCD televisions. The 'family' bistro is an effective tool to introduce children to the pokies as it has a complete view of the pokies area as if it were one large room.


The answer is that its not a 'family' hotel. It's a gambling venue with a play area tacked on. There's no good reason why children should be there.

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