Monday, 8 December 2008

Making a Difference?

Today's demonstration on the Bourke Street mall was a success. It was a splendid idea on the part of Senator Xenophon's people to position the handing out of government checks so that the news services broadcast the concept that it was better to spend the money on presents than on the pokies.

It was equally splendid of Rev Tim Costello to seize the opportunity to publicise how little a 'present' to World Vision will make such a difference to a poor family. He brought along two goats to the mall underlining how a small donation to World Vision will enable a family to buy a domestic animal and thereby benefit from the nourishment it can sustain.

It was positive and creative chaos with TV, radio and press all in attendance. All the money tins were handed out and quite a few flyers as well. Our chief advocate Gabriela Byrne joined Rev. Tim and the Senator to speak to the media.

Public relations professionals would consider the lack of coverage for in the subsequent reports as a failure. They would be right if success is selfishly measured in mentions or extra people who signed the petition. However they would be wrong. Our success is measured in increments of how we are able to lead the public to consider the waste that is pokie gambling.

Our objective is a massive negative. seeks to re-position pokie gambling so that the next generation turns away from it. The core of the 30 second announcement is to brand those who play the pokies as losers. In this light, enjoyed success this weekend as several hundred thousand Victorians read this headline on Sunday.
Congratulations to Senator Xenophon and World Vision's Rev. Tim Costello and our gratitude for allowing to be involved.

Thanks to the headline writer for the Sunday Herald Sun.

So goes the campaign to Make Pokie Places Kid Free.

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