Saturday, 25 October 2008

Tabcorp Agrees to Make Pokies Places Kid Free

Your read this correctly but it bears repeating:

Tabcorp Agrees to

Make Pokies Places

Kid Free

At its Annual General Meeting held in Melbourne on 23 October, 2008, Tabcorp showed true leadership.

In what can only be described as perhaps the most progressive and welcome step taken by any pokie industry participant, the CEO and Managing
Director, Elmer Funke Kupper, publicly and unequivocally agreed with shareholder activist Stephen Mayne' suggestion at the meeting that Tabcorp do all that it can to remove children entirely from pokie venues.

Here is the text of Stephen's question:
"The first one is the whole luring of kids into our venues, you know, free food, playgrounds that aren't effectively supervised, a glass wall does not constitute supervision, children orientated entertainment, coin operated games of chance. Things like that are designed to lure children into our venues. I think we need to exclude children from our venues. I think we need to get ahead of the curve and make this a practice. No more children in our pokies venues. Point taken. That's it. We're ahead of the curve."
Mr. Funke Kupper's response was can only be interpreted in one way, he agrees;
"So for kids in venues its hard to disagree with your basic point."
You can listen and watch Mr. Funke Kupper's response by clicking on the video below:


This question was something that Stephen and I worked on together and we are delighted with the response. It demonstrates what can be achieved for the benefit of company shareholders by shareholder activism at annual general meetings.

It is my intention to inform as many people as possible of Tabcorp's thoughtful initiative and look forward to its implementation.

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Libby Mitchell said...

I wish that I could be thoroughly appreciative and grateful regarding Tabcorp's motives for its stance, re kids in venues. Tabcorp also has a policy to get venues out of shopping centres and away to designated gambling zones eg race tracks. THAT also seems laudable.

However it fits very comfortably with Tabcorp desire to run larger, more focused gambling venues that run more efficiently to reduce their overheads, to reap yet more gambling dollars from bleeding communities. I do not think for one minute that Tabcorp is doing that to help children or families as much as themselves, as a bottom-line profit-geared organization.

Sorry to be narked and jaded...but any supposed links to 'protection of humanity' from gambling corporations, I would take with one huge grain of salt!

Maybe the recent drive to make pokies gambling venues 'family-oriented' has only co-incidentally fitted with Tabcorp's long range plan for mini-casinos that has been on their agenda from at least 2004.

The big question will be whether Tabcorp achieve their casinos...and whether they also refuse to have any sort of child-care centre close by...THAT will be the acid test on THAT issue!

Meanwhile we must be grateful for small mercy it seems!