Monday, 29 September 2008

Let's go straight to the top!

Read the letter below from the Chairman of the VCGR. Its about legal rules, signs, Gaming Machines, and where those signs should be placed. You can click on it to see an larger image.

I believe that Victorian law requires them to be on the Gaming Machine and not the Top Box. The VCGR does not agree. They say that when the law talks about the "Gaming Machine" it includes the Top Box too. I think putting signs on the Top Box does not meet the legal .

Have a look at these diagrams reproduced from the Victorian Gambling Regulations Regulations (no misprint - these are the Regulations of the Regulations!)

The first one shows a Gaming Machine with a Top Box attached.

The next one shows a Gaming Machine without a top box.

It seems to me, looking at these two diagrams, that the Gaming Machine and the Top Box are two different things. Therefore, putting a sign on the Top Box is not the same as putting a sign on the Gaming Machine.

So what's the point about these signs and what do they say?

It all relates to the legal requirement (Regulation 17) that every Gaming Machine has to have a sign on it. These signs warn gamblers about problem gambling issues. They are intended to minimize the harm caused by problem gambling. Common sense says put them where the gambler will see them the most.

Common sense says that placing these signs at the top of the Top Box so that the gambler sees them a lot less is simply wrong.

While Mr. Dunn is correct in pointing out that these diagrams do relate to another regulation about where the electronic clock should be, the regulation about the signs says nothing other than place them on the Gaming Machine. So these diagrams are the only and the best guide to placing them so that the send their message as best as they can.

I spent today trying to figure out how I can get an umpire to review Mr. Dunn's wrong decision. Don't have an answer yet but I'll post when I do.

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