Monday, 22 September 2008

"Commercial Matters" - Transparency? Anyone?

You would have thought that I was asking for a secret formula developed after years of costly research instead of something so small. Check out the garbage knock back I received from Minister for Gaming, Tony Robinson scanned just above. Click on the image if you want the big view.

Who is this all about?

Certain clubs (and some companies) in Victoria and their relationship to the supermarket giant Woolworths. The clubs are:
  • Aces Sporting Club (Melbourne Storm)
  • Collingwood Football Club
  • Footscray Football Club
  • Hawthorn Football Club
  • Manningham Club
  • Port Melbourne Giants Basketball Club
  • Richmond Football Club
What exactly did I ask for?

Here's my 3 questions:
  1. Is there a management agreement in place?
  2. What is the name of the management company?
  3. While I made no request to see the actual agreement, I wanted to know what the duties and responsibilities of the manager with respect to each venue.
I'm happy to email anyone the text of my letter to the Gambling Commission. Just email me at and it's on its way.

Why do I think the public should know?

The venues associated with Woolworths amount to over 40% of all pokie hotels in Victoria. The public seems to be under the impression that these venues belong to Bruce Mathieson when, in most instances they belong to an entity 75% owned by Woolies. With it's enormous financial clout, Woolies could end up managing most every Victorian pokie club or pub.

The public should know who is really running the show.

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